Title:   Hero Trailer (Miramax)
Client:   Atlantis Group, LTD
File Format:   Quicktime   click here to download latest player

"This award winning international trailer for the film Hero presented several unique challenges", says Andrew Hagen. "Firstly, the producers did not want the music to sound like any traditional Kung Fu-type movie, and while they wanted a Chinese feel, they did not want traditional Chinese instruments. I ended up getting a vocalist to sing a melodic line that added a mysterious and romantic quality to the music. Actually she is singing gibberish," says Andrew, "as neither she nor I speak or write Mandarin. But with the placement of her voice way in the background, the effect was perfect, and the producers loved it." The other difficult task was that the film was still being cut, so Alan Schlaifer had to recreate the sounds of entire battle scenes from scratch - no small feat.

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