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  We’ll Always Have Paris
Our studios were graced with the presence of Paris Hilton as she narrated the first season of her ITV Hit Show “My New BBF” meaning of course My New British Best Friend. Engineered and recorded by Jim Watson in Studio B, the sessions were Produced by Ian (Thompy) Thompson in London via a “live feed”.

  Let’s Fly !
The production house Original Film chose Schtung Music to deliver an energy charged Original Music and Sound Design package for a series of high profile videos for Sikorsky Helicopters. Directed by Geoffrey Madeja, Schtunger Andrew Hagen composed and designed.

  Pump Up the Volume
Director Jerry Zucker and his “National Banana” crew had enormous success with their Comedic webisodes concerning the price of gas. The Episode “Attack at the Pump” received 1 million hits in one month, prompting CNN and Fox to profile it on their newscasts. Original Music by Andrew Hagen, mixed by Jim Watson. View it here.

  We’re Forever Plaid
The feature length film of the stage show “Forever Plaid” was certainly one of the most fun projects mixed at Schtung Media this year. The hit stage show, which has enjoyed a twenty year life span was Directed by Stuart Ross. String and Brass sections were recorded in our live room to add to the pizzazz !

  Logo Land
Graham King Films (Young Victoria, Edge of Darkness) commissioned Schtung Music to score their Company Film Logo. The project was Produced by Maxine Leonard of GK Films, Santa Monica.

  Happiness is a Red Revolver
Schtung welcomes John-Michael Powell and Red Revolver Editorial to our premises. Located on the ground floor of Schtung Media, Red Revolver is the new up and coming cutting house in Santa Monica, handling a diverse palette of productions including Feature, documentary, episodic and web based entertainment.

Obselidia is a Feature film written and directed by Diane Bell. It tells the heart warming story of George, a lonely librarian who believes love is obsolete, until a road trip to Death Valley with a cinema projectionist called Sophie teaches him otherwise. The feature was mixed by Jim Watson in Studio B.

  E Learning Insights
Schtung Media’s Web-Interactive department completed fifteen interviews via phone patch with well known authors and College Professors in various locations around the United States. Commissioned by Cengage Learning Boston, the interviews can be downloaded via the web. Schtung Media continues to act as a major resource for E-Learning voice recording. Contact us for more information on this growth market.

  Schtung at the United Nations
Schtung Music provided the score for a multimedia presentation at the recent launch of the Blue Planet initiative at the United Nation. FCB out of Chicago called on Schtung for its expertise in world music stylings. Eddie Reyes responded with an African based score for this visually stunning piece based on elements from the Dow Chemical "Human Element" campaign you are seeing all over the networks. And all for a great cause -   an international run for clean water technology all over the world.

  Masters of Horror
From the greatest horror directors comes this most horrific series from Showtime . Schtung is proud to be recording and mixing the commentaries for Blink Digital on this scariest of projects. Says studio Boss Susanna Kalliomaki "I usually love listening to the music the boys are creating, or hearing a mix in process. But on this project there's blood curdling screams, animals howling, you have no idea. On this one it's " Keep The Door Closed, Guys !! "

  View from a Grain of Sand
Andrew Hagen composed the score and engineer Jim Watson mixed the feature length documentary film helmed by independent director Meena Nanji. "View from a Grain of Sand" looks at the lives of three Afghani women over the past 15 Years. "There were some truly horrific scenes in this film of women being beaten and executed, maimed and disfigured. It was challenging to score these moments, but at the same time one is uplifted by their incredible bravery and tenacity in the most miserable and hopeless circumstances," says Andrew.

  Dr. Watson Speaks
Schtung has taken the lead in the quest for ever-more-enriching surround sound experiences with the new mono to 5.1 surround matrix its senior engineer Jim Watson has developed. For a demonstration of this remarkable new technology call 1-888-SCHTUNG or 310-828-5189.


Schtung's Eddie Reyes releases LOST WORLD
Eddie Reyes has released his new "world jazz" CD, LOST WORLD. It features his compositions and guitar and piano playing and also that of such stellar artists as Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Wallace Roney and Alex Acuña. Starting with a strong jazz basis, the music ranges from flamenco, Afro/Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean to classical and rock and roll. First radio broadcasts include the highly regarded KCRW show Cafe LA, hosted by the legendary Tom Schnabel. It is out on the Gemini Rising label and available through the Eddie Reyes website, iTunes and CDBaby


Motorola "Beijing Calling"
O&M Beijing 's Moto Mp3 "Hit Squad" gave face to the "new" China with unique 15, 30 and 60 second spots centering on the spontaneous music created by four friends in a cool café in downtown Beijing. Triggered by a ringtone, a jam session ensues with the friends using "found sound" items in the café to create their collective groove. Recorded and mixed at Schtung Santa Monica, the creative team was composer/mixer Eddie Reyes and sound designer/ executive producer Andrew Hagen.

  Saatchi and Saatchi and Schtung
The summer car sweeps found Schtung composer Eddie Reyes creating a unique African influenced electro/acoustic guitar piece for Saatchi LA Toyota "Accolades" followed up with a 60 second radio spot.

Can you say this really fast?: Seventh Simpsons Season
Schtung has been busy in its third year of re-mastering home video versions of "The Simpsons". Given that this is year fourteen for the Springfield Saga it would be super to succeed in seven more succesive and sensational series....

Schtung Scores "The Painting"
Schtung's team was recently involved in all the audio for the feature film "The Painting." Schtung's Eddie Reyes composed and orchestrated the score which features acoustic guitar and piano and also showcases a gospel choir along with soloist Arnold McCuller. Alan Schlaifer provided sound design and Chip Mullaney mixed the movie in 5.1 at Schtung's Studio B. Schtung principal Andrew Hagen is one of the producers on the film.

Schtung Helps "Hero"
The Houston Worldfest International honored "Hero" with its Platinum award as best TV commercial for creative excellence. Schtung composer Andrew Hagen and sound designer Alan Schlaifer got to test their chops on the International trailer for the Oscar nominated film starring Jet Li and Maggie Cheung. Schtung received the Remi Award for creative excellence on the trailer. "With stunningly beautiful pictures like these, the music came to me very easily. Suffice to say, it was an honour to work on the project," said Andrew.

Schtung Living La Dolce Vita
Schtung Music recently got the opportunity to work on one of Fellini's masterpieces, "La Dolce Vita," which is getting great reviews. Independent DVD Producer Susan Ricketts lined up Time Magazine movie critic Richard Schickel, fresh off the boat from attending a panel at the Cannes Film Festival, to do the two hour forty-seven minute commentary. That's a lot of subtext! As usual, Susan brings the most fascinating titles for us to work on - such as the controversial "Control Room" documentary and films by directors Robert Altman and Neil Jordan.




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