Schtung Works Magic with Mono to 5.1

Schtung's new proprietary process for generating 5.1 surround sound from mono files has been put to the test on a classic trailer for "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and a Sammy Davis Jr. Playboy After Dark clip with amazing results. And the recent DVD release of the highly praised television miniseries "Merlin" (Lion's Gate) gave Schtung another opportunity to try it out.

"In the past it was difficult to create a realistic surround environment from a mono or stereo source in a short period of time," says Schtung Senior Engineer Jim Watson. "Now however, with this new technology, we can do exactly that. We can take a mono or stereo source and create a convincing 5.1 (or 6.1) surround track without hours and hours of studio time." This will provide a great opportunity for film libraries, back catalogs, and owners of older television shows in that it gives them the tools to meet the consumer's expectations, which is a 5.1. (6.1) DVD. We are able to make older audio content come alive with the same dynamic and powerful surround experience as contemporary multi-channel surround mixes - and at a competitive price point.

The Mono to 5.1 Surround Demo is available through studio manager Susanna at 310-828-5189.

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